Update Fall 2020


Dear Family and Friends, 

Four weeks have passed since I (Emily) arrived in Kenya. I mainly spent the first two weeks preparing for and completing my teaching exams. I also prepared Thamani School to meet the government's COVID-19 regulations, so we could open the school for classes 8 and 4, who will be taking their final exams. All schools were closed 6 months ago, due to the pandemic.

I spent the next two weeks mostly in Mida, where we have our agricultural projects for generating income. Basic necessities like water, electricity, and housing still need to be put in place. The fence has been constructed, which protects our farm from thieves, but we are still having problems with baboons stealing maize, cassava, and green beans. But on the bright side, the crops (maize cassava, watermelon, and vegetables) are doing well! The farm has great potential to generate income for Thamani School and other projects.

My goals for the remaining two weeks here in Kenya:
1) Water connection. We need to connect to the governmental water supply from 500m away, and install a 5000-litre tank to store water, since now there is often only enough water for two days a week!

2) Finish up construction of a storage room, and two rooms where we plan to live next year as a family. Plastering, toilets, and floors still need to be done.

We're in need of and grateful for your prayers and financial support! Let us know if you would like to help financially with finishing up these two projects before I return to Germany.

Thank you!

Best regards,