Covid-19 Update


Because of the pandemic, all schools in Kenya are closed. That, of course, includes Thamani Kindergarten and Primary School. Kenya recommends digital education, and learning through television and radio programs, but unfortunately our children can't afford devices and internet. So we are creating materials and home work that the parents can photo copy for their children.

Poverty, illiteracy, and disease are everyday realities in many Kenyan communities. Some of the children don't have secure daily food sources at home, and they can no longer rely on the meals they ate at Thamani. Hunger is a major player in life here, and we learned that two of our girls have gotten pregnant during this time.

We have hope, though! God cares for these children even more than we do, and has not forsaken them. He knows what the future holds, though we may not. We are searching for creative ways to deliver education in the present, and adapt to whatever challenges the future may bring. God's got this!