January 2021 - School is in Session!


Hurrah! Schools in Kenya have finally reopened, as of January 4, 2021. The teachers and pupils of Thamani School were very excited to report back to school, of course, despite all the COVID-19 regulations and procedures. These procedures include checking body temperature daily, washing hands regularly, and wearing masks, among other things.

There was a large turnout of pupils, all eager to learn, to be cared for, and to get their daily nourishment. What a blessing!

The one downside was a lack of teaching staff; we are still in need of 3 teachers.

A bittersweet experience for the School is Monica's story

Monica is 14 years old and has attended Thamani School since kindergarten. During the school break for COVID, she became pregnant and gave birth to a little boy, but she was able to return to school to finish up her primary level. The reason Thamani School exists is to show love to our pupils who are stricken with poverty, orphaned, or hopeless, and give them the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty through quality education. There are many others like Monica who have not returned to school, not only to Thamani, but to schools all over Kenya. Young girls and boys have been married off, forced into labor, or voluntarily begun manual labor to support their families. One of the many consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic is a generation of uneducated girls and boys, especially among the poor.

One bright note in all of this is the Mida projects! Now like never before we see the importance of generating income locally for the School's upkeep. Therefore, we have decided to take the following small steps as we continue to raise funds for the projects:

1. Buying 10 pregnant Gala breed does (goats) to breed for meat, at a cost of 80 Euro each;

2. Buying 100 layer hens to produce eggs.

Thank God for His mercies throughout 2020 and for those yet to come, and thank you for standing with us and making Thamani Kindergarten and Primary School possible.