Sponsor a Child!


Children of Thamani

You can sponsor a Thamani child for €35 a month! Play a part in making sure that each one of our K-Class 4 pupils receives a quality education, hears the good news about Jesus, and has a chance to learn skills that will help provide for their future - a future filled with hope. 

Each child in our sponsorship program is matched with just one sponsor. They're real children with real stories. You can get to know your sponsored child by exchanging letters and photos - you can even visit in person and see how your donation is helping Thamani transform their lives, families, and community!

Your monthly contribution is combined with other sponsors' gifts* to support the Thamani community and our projects, so we can ensure that your sponsored child and all the other kids thrive. You'll get regular updates on the changes we're making together.

Your generous donations will help your child and all the children of Thamani receive:

  • a quality education
  • clean drinking water
  • a safe place to learn, play, and receive nutritious meals (latter currently funded by the Kenyan government
  • the chance to learn about and experience the love of Jesus
  • the chance to, eventually, learn a trade through our organic farm in Mida. This leads to economic opportunities, hope for the future, and helps break the cycle of poverty. 

Our near-term goal is to match each one of our 135 K-Class 4 pupils with their very own sponsor. This will enable us to maintain education quality by raising our teachers' salaries to a livable wage, something that we're not currently able to support. When wages are appropriate, current teachers are able to stay and build long-term relationships with their classroom children, and we are able to attract additional qualified teachers. This ensures that our kids are receiving the best education we can provide, and that our teachers don't have to choose between doing what they love and feeding their families. Win-win! 

Once we have the lower classes covered, we can't wait to move on to finding sponsors for our Class 5-8 kids.

Partner with us!

*Over the years, international sponsorship programs have proven that the most effective way to help a child is to strengthen the child's entire community. We choose to build on those decades of experience. When you sponsor a child with Thamani, we pool your monthly sponsorship donations with those of other sponsors to provide the assistance that children and families living in poverty need most. In other parts of the world, societies are much more communal and less individualistic than western cultures, so a community-based model is much more effective.

Sponsor a Student!

Life after Thamani...

Every year approximately 15 students graduate from Thamani Primary School and are in need of a sponsorship to continue their secondary education.

The cost for boarding school is 660 Euro per year, or 55 Euro per month. This includes school fees, room, and board. They attend secondary school for four years.

There are two kinds of secondary schools in Kenya: day schools and boarding schools. Boarding school is the preferred option, since the students are assured of daily food, and can concentrate on their education without chores and other distractions from their home environments. Students in boarding school also perform significantly better on the final national exams. Attending a good boarding school is often a privilege available only to well-performing students and those coming from a well-to-do family.

Five former students from Thamani Primary school have gone on to a secondary boarding school, thanks to your support!

Grace and Shauna attend a girls' secondary school in a neighboring county;

Kiunga, Edward and Wamutie attend a boys' secondary school in a neighboring county.

We accompanied them to opening day for their new schools, and they were so grateful for this opportunity! They were possibly just as grateful (and maybe even more excited...) to have their own beds for the first time in their lives! They're dedicated to their school work and passing their exams.

Join us - sponsor one or more of our students! 

Please contact us at: info@ke.thamani.org and we will assign a student for you to sponsor and get to know. This will make an enormous impact on their future.