Choose Your Cause!

How Donations Work

Choose one of the causes to your right, or pick another amount to give or a cause to get behind! Give a one-time amount, or give on a recurring basis.

You can donate to us directly, or through our sister organization in Germany (these gifts are tax-deductible in Germany).

Bank information for direct transfer to either account is located at the bottom of this page.

If you prefer donating by credit card or PayPal you can use the following donation button provided by our German sister organization:



Make your coffee at home instead of grabbing it out, donate the amount saved to Thamani, and feel warm inside knowing you made our day. (Thanks, friend!)



Sponsor a Thamani pupil! We are currently matching sponsors with our 135 K-Class 4 kids. You can help ensure they receive a top-notch education and job skills for the future.

(See our sponsorship page for info on sponsoring our former pupils, so they can continue their secondary education!)



We need 30 hives to start our apiary. It'll only grow from there. Get in on the fun early and watch us grow!



They may not be everyone's cup of tea, but goats provide tasty protein for our students and community.

Be a Voice for Thamani

Ambassador Program

Our ambassadors are one of our most valuable assets. As an ambassador, you'll commit to pray, spread awareness, and (if possible) give what you can to Thamani's mission: transforming communities and breaking cycles of poverty through God's love.

Choose the role that best suits you from the three below, or do all three and be a full-fledged Thamani Ambassador. We're grateful for the part you play.


Be a Warrior

"Casting down imaginations and every vain thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing every thought into submission to the authority of Christ."

Prayer is powerful. But prayer doesn't happen on its own. We need Warriors who will commit to stand against the powers of darkness, and to bring our needs and praises before the throne of God.

Spread the Word

Be a Messenger

Make your time on social media count! You can spread the word about Thamani and what we do - it's as simple as re-posting from our accounts on Instagram and Facebook, or as complicated as...whatever you can dream up! Because we know you're creative. You've got this. Let us know your fantastic ideas for getting the word out!


Be a Sustainer

Be a part of what is happening on the ground in Kenya! From geography lessons to beehives, we need your help to make it happen. Our Sustainers commit to giving at least 20 Euro (around $23)/month.

Be an Ambassador.

Our Bank

Account holder
Thamani Society of Kenya
Account number (KES Account)
011 285 771 419 00
Account number (EUR Account)
221 005 771 419 00
BIC / SWIFT code
Branch and branch code
Nyali Mall 00011139
Bank name
Co-operative Bank of Kenya

Bank of our German Partner

Account holder
Thamani - Deutschland e. V.
DE25 3506 0190 1900 1210 12
BIC / SWIFT code
Bank name
Bank für Kirche und Diakonie eG