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Who We Are

What does it look like when heaven touches Kenyan earth? When Jesus smiles through the face of a child from the slums of Mombasa? This is Thamani: affirming the worth of every man, woman, and child. Jesus deemed each one valuable enough to give his life for, therefore so will we.

Thamani is a Swahili word that means "worth" or "value."

This reflects our unwavering belief that every man, woman and child is created by God and in His image, and therefore has value, worth, and a unique ability to be creative and productive. Our goal is to provide quality education based on Christian values so that children and youth can realize their God-given gifts and potential, transform their communities, and break the cycle of poverty.

Our Vision: 

Transforming Communities and Breaking Cycles of Poverty through God's Love

Thamani is a registered, tax-exempt society in Kenya, and has a sister society in Germany. The two organizations were founded by a blended Kenyan-German family (and a few friends!) with a heart to see lives transformed through God's love in communities in Kenya's coastal region.

David and Emily Klitzsch, launched their adventure together as a family, and as non-profit mission founders, in 2009, and have picked up more knowledge, experiences, and children along the way than they ever expected. Follow their miracles, mishaps, and misadventures on Instagram, and click here to see Thamani's timeline from 2009 to present.

We're over 10 years into this journey, but believe we've just had a taste so far of all that God is excited to do with and through Thamani. The best still lies ahead... 


Meet the Real World Heroes

Christine Opere


Professional teacher for 30 years. She has 7 children, 13 grandchildren, and a huge heart for her community.

Emily Klitzsch


Over 20 years experience in mission and volunteer work all over the world. Married with 3 kids, and loves to hike.

Mathias Mbogori


Seasoned sales and operations professional with experience in IT, logistics, and manufacturing industries. Father of one who loves exploring nature.

Petronilla Asmani


Does all Thamani's admin work. Passionate about children, construction and planes.


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